Monday, December 6, 2010

how to pass in a test if you forgot you had it

Well according to a big master in my university. After answering the ones you know you just click answers in this order a)a) b)b) c)c) and then d)d) he says you have a 50% chance of passing. That's how he is going through economics bachelor (and he is in 2nd year)!
today I actually tried it cause I didn't remember I was having a test.

Ok I didn't risk it all, I already had a 18 and a 17 (from 0 to 20) and the worst grade is droped, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try this theory.

(21 dec 2010) yes I received a 13.3 not bad.. And the wrong ones were the ones I thought the other questions I applied this theory! good luck!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A place to think

Have you ever just realized you need to think ?? Obviously I mean it in an I need to reflect kind of way.... Well I have the perfect solution for you. Go to a concert! Not a "I-love-this-band" but an OK band. 
Why ??
Last week my uncle took me to a Jazz concert and man did I think a lot... from grades to recipes for cupcakes. The next week my uncle confessed that in the concert he thought that the members of the band were all envolved with each other.

So Yeah I think it is the perfect solution to "I need an answer" moment.

What should I eat?

Well this blog is dedicated to my dear fellow students, that like to cook but don't really bother to cook for themselves.
I think the best thing to have around is cereals and ramen noodles. They are just so easy to make and delicious

You just place the noodles in thw bowl with the seasoning and just pour boiling water on it!! How great is that???

I know this is old, but this is not like pasta ready-made full of calories... this is egg-noodles so at least I like to think it is (ok, kind of) healthy.

ramen Pictures, Images and Photos

If you don't like it plain, you can just add a sausage or an egg (that's what my father used to do when he didn't have  alot of time)

A lovely ramen picture Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes don't worry, I will be posting easy to make recipes for "real food"

Holllliiiiday greeting and nice cookin!!