Monday, January 24, 2011

Ginger Chicken With Veggies

Ok!! let's make some Chineeeese FoooooD!!!
We need:
Chicken (cut into pieces)
courgette (sliced)
Onions (chopped)
Brocoli (into pieces)
Mushrooms (sliced)
soy sauce
and any other vegetable you like..

Put the chicken in a bowl and add crushed ginger and soya sauce let it rest for an hour or two.

Heat a pan with to tablespoons of olive oil/oil mix mix (there is no secret to this) add a bit of water and soy sauce as desired... It's ok If they are kind of raw, chinese eat it kind of raws anyways...
Heat other sauce pan over medium heat with plenty of oil and dip the chicken in...  when they are golden in one side turn them over until the other side is golden...
 and it's done...

 uuuuh it's finished!

Polish approved!

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